Other writerly training

Arvon – http://www.arvon.org/course/
Week-long residential courses on comedy, songwriting, poetry, radio drama, food writing, fiction and more

Dark Angels – https://www.dark-angels.org.uk/
The first and best (and only?) creative writing for business retreats. Held in Cornwall, Northumberland, Oxford and Spain. Guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing, with a special discount for lucky 26ers.

The Faber Academy – http://www.faberacademy.co.uk/
Firmly focused on writing fiction – courses in London (from 1 day to 6 months) and online (8-28 weeks)

Guardian Masterclass writing courses – http://www.theguardian.com/guardian-masterclasses/writing
Choose from fiction, ghost-writing, getting your book published, borrowing from Shakespeare and more. London.

Moniack Mhor – https://www.moniackmhor.org.uk/
Scotland’s creative writing centre – offers week-long (and long weekend) genre-focused fiction writing courses and writing retreats in the Highlands near Inverness

Professional Writing Academy – https://www.profwritingacademy.com/
Offers online ‘virtual classroom’ courses, mostly on fiction writing, some in partnership with Faber

Wordtree – http://wordtree.com/writing-training/
Copywriting workshop and courses, both for copywriting newbies and seasoned pros needing inspiration

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Spotted by Marin Lee at the Serpentine in Hyde Park
Spotted in Copenhagen by Helen MacKinven.
Spotted on the airfield of Tivat airport in Montenegro by Martin Lee
I took this picture in a fabulous vegan and raw food restaurant in Turin - Ezri Carlebach
Spotted in Capri by Laura Hunter
Woods near Jouqueviel, Midi-Pyrenees, 10 minutes after I had told my walking group about 26. They gave me a funny look. By David Mathews
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Image by Lydia Thornley in Krakow
Spotted in Belfast by Jonathan Holt
From Christmas travels in Krakow by Lydia Thornley
Night time lamp from Christmas travels in Krakow by  Lydia Thornley
Daytime lamp from Christmas travels in Krakow by  Lydia Thornley
26 Venice Street, Mornington, Australia by Aimee Chalmers
Spotted near Lavigny, Switzerland. Image by Linda Cracknell.
Spotted in Leipzig by Angus Grundy. ‘A gorgeous prize-winning renovated 1930s Art Deco villa.’