• Join us on the evening of Thursday 4 May and learn how to use storytelling techniques to improve your writing, get stronger briefs, help your clients think, and market yourself. Find out more… 

  • How storytelling can fix fashion

    MONEY FASHION POWER  is a new magazine that tackles challenging topics like human rights for garment workers, living wages, freedom of association and supply chain transparency […]

  • It was an unseasonably warm March evening. And as I approached the Eames Fine Art Gallery, I was first greeted by the sight of a throng of people spilling out onto Bermondsey Street – each with glass in hand. A p […]

  • Elena Bowes talks to our very own John Simmons about his new novel, Spanish Crossings.

    Describe what you do in 26 words

    Listening, analysing, writing. Writing, editing, rewriting. Reading, researching, […]

  • Plans are taking shape for our new-look ‘Wordstock Deconstructed’

    We said in February that our traditional one-day Wordstock bash would be spread out over several months this year, so more members could get inv […]

  • Sidekick Books received the very exciting news that Finders Keepers, a series of poems and illustrations for lost species, was shortlisted for the Ted Hughes award for new work in poetry. More here.

    Kirsten Irving

  • Making Nature at the Welcome Trust

    Making Nature: How we see animals at the Wellcome Trust is amazing – asks you plenty of questions about our relationship to the animal world. There are also some wonderful t […]

  • Fellow 26er and Dark Angel Neil Baker and I run experimental writing and meditation retreats in Riverheart’s lush gardens in Andalucia. Inspired by Natalie Goldberg’s The True Secret and Julia Cameron’s the […]

  • Writer and creative writing teacher Elise Valmorbida invites you to three special writing destinations this year. All are welcome, from beginners to published writers.



  • Inspired by a competition first launched by Ian Fleming in 1947, friend of 26, Phil Cleaver, has teamed up with three other judges to find a letter worthy of joining our trusty A-Z.

    Throughout his life Ian […]

  • As the saying goes, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. But, in true 26 style, this project set the challenge of responding to a print in a neat 62-word sestude. With the grand reveal just around the corner, wha […]

    • Marvellous evening. Great project.
      Interesting to read all the other sestudes. Really enjoyed them.
      Thanks all.
      PS. And the book/catalogue is very well produced.

  • Brian Jenner has been writing speeches since 1995 when he joined Toastmasters International – a group that helps people overcome their fear of public speaking. In 1999 he was asked to write speeches for the […]

  • Myths, legends, inspirational writers, and character versus plot. Following the launch of her debut collection of short stories, Llama Sutra, Melanie Whipman caught up with 26’s Elena Bowes to tell a […]

  • Stories are how we make sense of the world, so of course they can help us make sense of our working lives. They feed directly into the craft of writing, and they also offer some very useful tools to bring our […]

  • Toni Erdmann, a film by Maren Ade

    A German comedy. Almost enough recommendation if we’re going to fall for national stereotyping. But actually the comedy isn’t the point of this film, even though it has abo […]

  • Solo writer’s retreats in a luscious garden in the south of Spain. Come, be well fed, write 🙂 On-site yoga and editing / mentoring services if wanted. More info […]

  • Look Up is an online print store and a platform for promoting artists who explore the creative potential of geometry, line, pattern and colour. We represent a fantastic collective of artists including established […]

  • Love song-writing? Got a film script in the works? Paul Statham has written hits for Kylie and Dido. Tom Butterworth’s Britannia (co-written with brother Jez of Jerusalem fame) is filming now. Join them on 7-day […]

  • We launched 26 Writers in Residence at Wordstock last year. The idea was simple: find somewhere to write about, spend some time there, team up with a partner, and create a written piece with sound or […]

  • 26’s editor talks to Sarah Butler about her award-winning sestude, Unknown Matron’s Mallet.

    Congratulations on becoming 26’s first project writer winner. How does it feel to be an award-winning […]

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