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The place to buy 26 books, and further down the line perhaps even themed accessories and clothing. 26 hairband anyone?

26 Gift Voucher

26 Gift Voucher
26.00 or 30.00 with a copy of 26 Words

26 is not just for Christmas

Of course its not. Membership of 26 lasts the whole year long. And now you can give a thoughtful gift of an annual membership to someone you know and love or simply someone you work with whose name you drew in Secret Santa.

For any writer budding or in full bloom its the gift that keeps on giving, with regular news and views, special events like Wordstock, and the chance to join in projects with interesting organisations. 26 stretches writerly muscles better than a gym workout.

To make it even more special and irresistibly festive, 26 member Elise Valmorbida has designed a gift voucher that you can wrap up for Christmas Day.

So to take out membership for a friend, and to get 26s first-ever Gift Voucher, just email Rachel Marshall to make payment and sort out the details of who and where.

26 Characters

26 Characters
5.00 (+ 1 P&P)

In this beautifully designed and printed book, 26 children's literary characters - from Mary Poppins to Merlin - are reimagined by 26 writers and 26 leading illustrators.

This book came about thanks to The Story Museum's 26 Characters exhibition in Oxford. Writers responded to photographic portraits of some of our best-loved children's storytellers, including Julia Donaldson and Philip Pullman, transformed as their favourite childhood literary characters. The written response was in the form of a sestude - 62 words exactly. And then illustrators responded to the sestudes. Each writer and illustrator was given a letter of the alphabet as their starting point.

The result is an alphabetical journey into the world of wild things, witches, wizards, monsters and magicians. 26 unique interpretations of the characters we first met as children who continue to inspire us today.

If youd prefer to pay by cheque or if you need to order more than 10 copies of the book please email us at

26 Words: exploring the DNA of language
26 Words: exploring the DNA of language
26 Words: exploring the DNA of language
26 Words: exploring the DNA of language
26 Words: exploring the DNA of language
5.00 (+1 P&P)

Writers and lettering artists: two groups of people each passionate about words. How they look, how they sound, how they feel and what they mean.

26 Words: exploring the DNA of language explores the verbal and visual representation of language. Writers from 26 and lettering artists from Letter Exchange collaborated to bring to life an eclectic selection of words. The works they produced are as varied as the imaginations of the writers and artists involved: in turns thought-provoking, profound, exciting and exuberant.

This beautifully designed book brings together colour photographs of each artwork with the stories of how they were made, covering an extraordinary collection of words from acidulate to zaffre. You can see the words and images on our Creation Stories page on the 26 Words website.

Book & Postage

If youd prefer to pay by cheque please email us at

The Bard & Co: Shakespeare's Role in Modern Business (Paperback)

The Bard & Co: Shakespeare's Role in Modern Business
by Jim Davies (Editor), John Simmons (Editor), Rob Williams (Editor)
9.00 on Amazon

Shakespeare was a successful businessman, as well as an actor. "Henry V" is already used as a model for understanding business ethics, but what else can the greatest playwright in history teach the modern businessperson to help them perform their role better? "Acting the Part" will contain 26 chapters written by 26 writers, exploring the relevance of Shakespeare in business life. Each writer will be assigned one of Shakespeare's plays or Sonnets - including "King Lear", "The Tempest", "Richard III", "Romeo and Juliet", "Othello", "Macbeth", "Comedy of Errors", "Timon of Athens" - to examine, contemplate on and draw out lessons and inspirations for business managers, communicators and leaders today. Shakespeare's relevance to life in general has been the subject of wide debate for centuries. This fascinating book provides a new perspective on Shakespeare's influence on modern business.

Buy from Amazon: 'The Bard & Co'

Common Ground: Around Britain in 30 Writers

Common Ground: Around Britain in 30 Writers
by John Simmons (Author, Editor), Rob Williams (Author, Editor), Tim Rich (Author, Editor)
7.00 on Amazon

Ali Smith finds that the modern landscape still suggests the other-worldly creatures she used to read about in folk tales. Niall Griffiths laments the clumsy tributes to Dylan Thomas that cover every available surface in Laugharne. Virginia Woolf's Orlando might seem to be standing beside you in the unchanged parkland around Knole. How does Jaspar Fforde's alternative Swindon compare with our comparatively prosaic version? And who would have thought the M40 such a rich seam for Will Self? Every writer contributing to this amazing tour of literary Britain continues to be inspired by the writers who lived in their region. They find, whether or not the landscape is changed, some common ground with them.

Buy from Amazon: 'Common Ground'

26 Malts: Some Joy Ride

26 Malts: Some Joy Ride
by Stuart Delves (Editor), Jamie Jauncey (Editor), Damian Mullan (Editor)
9.90 on Amazon

An elegant, full-colour book that details a fascinating commercial/design project based around 26 malt whiskies. This book provides a vivid and fascinating insight into a unique commercial design project, which will be of interest to anyone in design, copywriting and packaging; and contains four-colour photographs of the stunning lables produced by the project. "26 Malts" is being featured as an event in the both the Edinburgh Festival and the London Design Festival in 2005. Its feature and review coverage expected in design, advertising, marketing and branding publications, as well as in culture sections in national newspapers. What happens when you throw 26 writers together with 26 designers and give them carte blanche to create identities for 26 malt whiskies? "26 Malts" tells the fascinating story of how 52 writers and designers tore up the rule book to create the labels and identities for 26 of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society's finest single cask malt whiskies. The book contains full colour plates of these stunning labels that defy all the conventions of whisky packaging and language.

Buy from Amazon: '26 Malts'

From Here to Here: Stories Inspired by London's Circle Line

From Here to Here: Stories Inspired by London's Circle Line
by John Simmons (Editor), Neil Taylor (Editor), Tim Rich (Editor), Tom Lynham (Editor)
8.57 on Amazon

Notting Hill, Baker Street, King's Cross, Westminster ... the Circle Line transports us to and from many of London's most famous places, as well as some of its obscure corners (Temple, Euston Road, Aldgate). The 31 chapters of this book, each by a different writer, explore the territory around the Circle Line's stations and the network that connects them. Through fiction, poetry, memoir and reportage, they bring to life the extraordinary spirit of this complex, demanding, inspiring city.

There are 31 original stories about London, with contributions from Simon Armitage (Selected Poems, The White Stuff), Martin Gorst (Measuring Eternity), Ian Marchant (Parallel Lines, In Southern Waters) and John Simmons (My Sister's A Barista, Dark Angels).

From Here to Here is a vibrant exploration of a place rich in stories and history, and teeming with plots and characters. It's the prefect companion for any journey, but especially one underground.

Buy from Amazon: 'From Here to Here'

26 Letters: Illuminating the Alphabet

26 Letters: Illuminating the Alphabet
by Freda Sack (Author), John Simmons (Author), Tim Rich (Author)
5.71 on Amazon

What thoughts, feelings and treasures lie behind the letters of the alphabet, one of the most widely used tools of communication for the past centuries?

In this beautifully designed and produced book, twenty-six commercial writers and twenty-six of the UKs leading graphic designers team up in pairs to to create fresh, imaginative and inspirational written and visual interpretations of the alphabet.

Each team was given a letter of the alphabet to explore in the form of a graphic poster and words. The book also includes diary entries about the creative process from each team. The result is a fascinating, original and multidimensional interpretation of the alphabet, produced by people who have had a close association with letters for most of their lives.

26 Letters: Illuminating the Alphabet is the product of a unique and exciting collaboration between writing and language group 26, the ISTD, the British Library and Cyan Books as part of the London Design Festival, that will help inspire writers, artists, children, students and the public to look again at how we can use, enjoy and learn from writing and design.

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