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We're looking for a web copywriter

Registered: 30/12/1899
Posted on 02/03/2012 at 17:24

I work in the communications team at the Institute of Leadership & Mangagement (ILM) and we're working on a new website, launching this summer. (Current site:

We're looking for someone to write web copy for a series of  web pages, including our products (courses),  marketing material, stuff for members, events and more general pages.

We're after someone who can work mainly in our London offices, mainly during working hours, but we are happy to be flexible with home working and flexible hours. Still discussing dates, but we're probably looking for someone to start at the beginning of April and work for 15 or 16 weeks.

You must have plenty of experience producing website copy, with experience in one or more of these:
-    Educational/ learning and development websites
-    Business-to-business websites
-    Membership websites
-    Employer-facing websites
-    Brand building websites

(What we want is someone who can create copy that sells an experience, but not someone who specialises in product-level copy for fast moving consumer goods.  We need something quite different than the skills needed to write up items on a website like Tesco’s or Next’s, for example.  That experience won’t hold you back, but you do also need to have worked on sites like our own.)

You must have experience producing engaging copy fitted to templates or page types and fitting in with a style guide and consistent tone of voice. You must have an understanding of search engine optimisation, too.

Further experience in directly managing websites isn't really necessary, though some hands-on experience with a CMS would help. You do need to be able to demonstrate an understanding of how web copy works at a technical level.

Interested? Please email to talk it over.

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